A Girl Could Disappear Like This

i. I leave my mother’s house in a boat

“The delicious and surprising poems of Deborah Schwartz offer a generous semi-surrealist commentary on a host of grand topics as well as a carefully curated display of personal ones. Bold, funny, and intensely female, Schwartz navigates oceans, skies, and bodies with curiosity and tenderness. A Girl Could Disappear Like This is of air and longing, where ‘watching is a sacred act.’ You will find yourself reading it cover to cover.”
-Diane Wald, author, The Warhol Pillows

I was afraid they would take
what was inside of me.
What was inside of me went hiding
like a crow or a sea bird into the sky.
I lived mostly on top of the water
in the boat, though for a few hours
at a time, I swam.
Came in wet into the curve
always wanting to please here
and though I knew she was part of me,
she also had a separate self.
Eventually she gave me her secret.
She taught me to steal.
I swam to the next cove.
That when I had enough and made the boat
Well, I didn't make it. I stole it.
In the end, nobody noticed.
It's just the boat was ready
and empty.

“In this stunning collection, Deborah Schwartz explores love, loss, family, and the larger world in a truly distinctive voice. Earnest, at times playful, these well-crafted poems navigate between inner and outer worlds, through speech and silence, toward feeling. To read this book is to sense struggle and ultimately, hope.”
-Lisa DeSiro, author, Grief Dreams

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